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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide organisations with independent certification to enable them to show that they act on their good intentions.

Our Team


Founder and Director


Ravi Ruparel is a London-born entrepreneur, economics graduate, chartered accountant and school governor. His family originates from India via Africa and he has worked across the globe. Over the past 10 years, he has been managing campaigns for the world's largest brands to help them promote disease awareness, sustainability, and equality.

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Eco-Friendly Operations Consultant


At Certified as the Eco-Friendly Consultant John is able to weave his skills in business (successful entrepreneur and previously technology financier) with his longstanding passion for the wild and nature (inspired by first nations teachings and outdoor pursuits). He sees his roll at Certified as a great way to join up values and passions with actions that make real change.


Graphic Design


Leanne graduated in Visual Communications from University College Isle of Man. She’s a keen natural photographer and artist, and creates all of our Visual Communications.


Social Media


Viktoriia is our social media manager, making sure that all our key messages are shared with you. Do keep an eye out on our social media accounts for updates.




Aganieszka  over sees our marketing and has studies in both Poland and the UK.




Aleks supports our operations to ensure that everything works it should and we re continually learning and improving




Przemek  is our lead developer who has developed our unique proprietary technology.




Hermione is a director of Certified Agency. Born and raised in China, she moved to England to study marketing. She serves as a director of Digital Awards and Certifications Limited. She also works with the Digital Education Awards, where she oversees marketing.




Mike is a director in the Isle of Man office. He is also principal of MB Executive Limited, a management and technical consultancy in the international financial services sector. In addition to several senior corporate board and management roles during his career, Mike has provided consultancy to a wide range of businesses in Luxembourg, Dublin, the Isle of Man, Malta and the UK. He has also advised the Isle of Man government on various technical and strategic initiatives.




Derek is a member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia New Zealand.  He has extensive experience in technology businesses from roles both within the Big 4 and within industry.   He has worked with technology start-ups, mid-market and enterprise level firms in the UK and internationally to help achieve their strategic growth plans and appropriate exits.  He currently works with a growing international social media firm that provides digital solutions at scale to enterprise clients.  


We have engaged environmental consultants in New York, Latin  America, Philippines and Europe to help develop our program.  We would like to thank, Cedar a team and climate consultant based in Canada. Zefa an environmentalist based in Indonesia. Dario an economist, market researcher and data scientist, originally from Argentina, based in the US, for helping us develop our program.


Our Consultants have advised and consulted to United Nations, The World Bank, SDC, REEEP. Have published multiple publications and research studies across the world and have qualifications including MSC in natural resources management, economics, Masters in Environmental Science, and some are working towards their PHDs.

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